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The Life and Thoughts of Zach

Fair and Balanced

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Zach Miller
I loosely maintain porkiesfestival, chicagoutopians, leguin, and somethintwisted.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP (Inspirer)
Version: 3.1
GCS/IT/M/MU/S d-(--)>--- s:-- 
a-->+++ C++$ UL++++(+++)$ 
P++++(+++)$ L+++(++)$ E+(++)>+++ 
W+++$ N++ o? K w--- O- M+>++ 
!V PS+++ PE-- Y+ PGP>+ t++(+++) 
5(+) X+ R tv- b++>+++ !DI !D G++ 
e++>++++ h- r>+++ y+
accordion, acoustic guitar, activism, adam brodsky, agitating, akira kurasowa, ali farka toure, alix olson, allen ginsberg, allette brooks, alternative energy, anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, andy stochansky, angel, ani difranco, anthropology, anti-folk, art films, babbel, babylon 5, bicycling, biodiesel, bitch and animal, bluegrass, blues, bootlegs, brak, buffy, celtic music, chris chandler, clarinet, coen brothers, cognitive science, cointelpro, collectives, community wireless networks, cooking, cosmology, critical mass, cryptography, culture jamming, david rovics, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, earth first, earthsea, emma goldman, endurance, erin mckeown, fantasy, feminism, firefly, folk music, food not bombs, foreign films, gadgeteering, gaviotas, geeks, gillian welch, global justice, green party, greenpeace, greg brown, hal hartley, hammel on trial, harmonica, hiking, hippies, holly hunter, howard zinn, improvisation, imsa, independent film, indymedia, intentional communities, iww, jamming, janis ian, jim jarmusch, jms, joe hill, john lee hooker, john sayles, joss whedon, kissing, klezmer, kodo, laurie anderson, leonard peltier, linguistics, linux, lord of the rings, magical realism, meg lee chin, melissa ferrick, michael moore, mother jones, moxy fruvous, mumia abu-jamal, neofuturists, nerds, noam chomsky, organizing, pamela means, perl, permaculture, philosophy, photography, physics, programming, progressives, protests, punks, radical politics, ralph nader, reclaim the streets, richard thompson, road trips, science fiction, sensuality, sinead o'connor, slack, space ghost, spontaneity, squonk opera, star wars, strategy gaming, subgenius, surrealism, sushi, sustainability, sysadminning, talking heads, tattoos, technomads, the nields, this american life, tom tom club, ucimc, urbana, ursula k. le guin, utah phillips, utopian literature, waterfalls, winona laduke, woody guthrie, world music, zen, zydeco

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