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So I've been toying with whether or not I wanted to do the "comment on 20 random people but don't say who they are" mind game. But I decided it was too twisted. If everyone on LJ did that thing I think it would increase the worldwide rate of brains popping from some kind of introspective feedback loop. But then folkyboy came up with a novel idea. Why not just TELL THE TRUTH .... like out in the open and stuff. It's a daunting task but without further ado here's my attempt at

lj love (♥)

acousticlixI can't wait until you start posting things. You're such a good friend. I wish we communicated more. I hope you find and hold on to some ongoing joy in life.
aletheisYour words really are beautiful whether they are full of wonder or melancholy. You've got some mad inner vision that I seriously dig. I hope you can find and hold on to a good night's sleep.
aretelaNow that you're moving back to NOLA there is even more reason than ever to keep us updated by posting here!
bdarYou're a cool guy, I hope we hang out a lot in the Duck-o-sphere in times to come. We'll play carcassone. I look forward to seeing your dramatic works on stages across the nation!
boldmovesWhy do cool folks like you have to live in Chicago? You're a person I'd like to hang out with all the time. We've not really spent that much time talking or bonding since we always just do social stuff together with groups but I feel like we have a comfortable connection. I want my life to be surrounded by friends with comfortable connection.
boloYour late night counsel has been quite helpful. It's nice to have a random guy in AZ who knows me but doesn't and who doesn't mind listening. Tales of your exploits will go down through the ages.
carleyHey there random person who shares a lot of interests with me. You write occasional straightforward snippets of life.
citruslikeI never know what to make of you. It's fun trying to figure that out. You're one zany chica. It's funny because you seem to assume everyone who reads your journal knows you and I sure don't.
cloeigrrlYou have nothing to fear. You keep a million irons in the fire and most of them seem to work out. Don't worry if a few don't here and there. I still tell myself from time to time that you and I should start a business venture together someday.
corvusI'm pretty sure you found me. I added you back recently. Haven't got a handle on ya yet. I don't think we've posted in each others journals at all. Nice shared interests though.
dbtYou rock and I miss you and the rest of the late 90's crowd. Too bad you never post.
deaconobviousThere's no time like the present to get your LJ addiction well underway.
desert_foxYou are a rocking dude and a great neighbor. I'll miss your fleating presense at band practice. I can't wait to see you playing with Kate's band! How'd that work out anyway?
duck2ducksYou're my closest friend of all time! There's nothing else to say (I could go on and on about brilliant writer, compassionate friend, etc etc but it'd get all sappy in here). I mean I've got like a million "best friends" but in the end you're it dude. I can't believe that we've actually been friends for like 12 years now!
dygelYou know what I miss, Eric? I miss listening to your cool music stuff. You should post new tracks to LJ.
earnbrandAll I know is that we gamed a few times together long ago in an older incarnation of the Duck-o-sphere. That was fun! You comment often so you're paying attention, that's always appreciated!
folkyboyYou are one zany dude. I'm jealous of you and hope_persists. It keeps surprising me that you're in Arkansas, you need to move to the East Coast. I'm flattered that you thought I was gay, the fact that you cared whether I was or not means maybe I'm worth noticing. :)
frankenmonkeyYou hang out in the Robb-o-Duck-o-sphere and I have no idea who you are. Weird.
goovieI ran across your profile of many shared interests and you are from Chicago. I hope maybe someday we can assimilate you because you seem pretty damned cool.
goytoyHurray for the community building force that is Adam Brodsky. What is more folk than that a random dude traveling around playing for groups of 10 people at a time could cause us to meet? I'm so glad we interact to extensively in our respective LJs (and in others). Someday I'll probably end up at one of your house concerts. :)
hwy61Joe! I can't believe you got deported from Canda, that totally sucks! We should actually hang out sometime if you ever come back to Chambana. Game or something.
spillshercoffeeSpontaneous neurotic techie artist chicks are cool.
in_the_end_hopeYou appeared on the scene seemingly out of nowhere bearing an aura of great coolness. I'm glad the world continues to produce your kind in this town!
kateoramaI think we've hung out like less than a dozen times since we met several years ago but you're another person I feel a very comfortable connection with. You're one of those laid back with it folks who is just on a good wavelength. Get your ass back to town so we can bike more. (Maybe anyone who shares long bike rides is bound to feel connected. :)
khudiramboseI don't think I get you yet. I'm still watching. Interesting.
kim_spiracyWho the heck are you and why am I your friend?
kingverminMan you are fucking brilliant! Everything I've ever seen you write has done something funny to my head. I'd say I want more but maybe you can't force that kind of genius so I'll take every nugget I can get.
leukorodonI have to keep reminding myself that you are no longer the 4 year old I met all those years ago. It's awesome to lurkingly keep tabs on the life of a modern day Wauconda high schooler, I hope you don't mind my lurking.
lost_not_forgotYou are mutant smart, holy crap! You have great taste in music, you've got your shit together at WAY to early an age, you're so frickin nice. Clearly you are a space alien.
marezcharzI love talking to you! I think you're like my first regular net.buddy, someone that I met online and actually have a regular conversation with. Thanks to bolo for the serendipitous connection!
meekayYou have so many more layers and facets than I ever would have imagined that quiet guy sitting next to me in CS classes had. I dig it.
more_lightWho are you and why am I your friend?
owl_tnAt first when you friended me I thought you were my friend Alex from here but it didn't make any sense because you were in TN. Really weird. Anyway you have good taste in porn obviously.
peppergrayYou should really have a newspaper column. Your commentary on anything you choose to comment on is always choicely written.
photogrphygrlYou're wild and crazy on a rollercoaster ride of life! I envy your ability to hold on (even if you slip from time to time). I hope you stop and take a breather for yourself from time to time. Maybe we'll talk about booking shows sometime (not that I know what there is to talk about).
hope_persistsYay for east coast folkies! I want to live vicariously through you.
queerfrostyI just randomly ran into your journal through chambana and you have turned out to be a really cool person. I'm glad I added you! I'm so glad that Portland is working out for you so far.
rainboxI feel like I came in in the middle of a story so I don't get it all yet but I'm enjoying figuring it out. I hope you end up in a comfortable place.
rolandkaleMy oldest current friend! I think you become more Buckowskian by the day and since I know you pride yourself on that I totally dig it. You're probably one of the most honestly introspective folks I know. You've definitely got a Zen about you. Don't drink too much and die! ;)
sirreal13Another random dude with a lot of shared interests that I haven't quite figured out yet. Still watching.
sogmasterAnother random dude with a lot of shared interests but you never really post much.
soulsongI can't get over how much we have in common. You are like the trans-atlantic me, or else the anti-me (like in a folk/anti-folk way, not a christ/anti-christ or matter/anti-matter way) or something. I really want to talk more LeGuin and community and all kinds of other deep stuff with you at great length, if only I had the time to talk to ANYONE deeply or at great length these days. I hope my enthusiasm for your thoughts isn't too weird!
studentothewindFor me, you're a key element to the Duck-o-sphere ecology. Fun times are always had by all when you're around, you're like a barrel of fun. We should put fish in you to make shooting them easy. Man, I'm totally not implying that you're barrel shaped though, that'd be weird.
stuffedsheep29I think I might have met you back in the Forbes days but I only barely remember. So I watch your journal thinking my memory will be jogged.
superlemming13Your like the perfect human being. I'm so elated at the quality of friendship that you have with aletheis. A person couldn't ask for a better friend.
swank76Don't diss on your "vacation". Embrace it for a while. I need one of those.
szaszIt's so weird that we really don't know each other. I mean we've met a few times but that's it. But I mean you get mega cool points for being married to Kate and other orthogonal cool points for being a networking god. I want your job, badly.
usurpthefutureYay for anarchists. Too bad you never post.
veilchemyLots of shared interests, I'm intrigued and watching.
vivaldiaLooks like you don't post so much but are just starting to again. Once again lots of shared interests. Intrigued. Glad you're doing (relatively speaking) ok.
wendywoowhoI have to admit that I skip over any posts about dogs or one-dimensional quizes or Friday Fives. But in between all that you're a very interesting person and I expect we'll have plenty more (especially political stuff) to talk about in the future. I really appreciated your perspective on the Nader thing.
zarfmouseYou are such a god damned histrionic obsessive-compulsive narcisist. It's a good thing you've got LJ to let it all out in a socially acceptable forum!

I'm totally going to lose my job if I ever take this long writing an LJ entry in the middle of the night again.
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