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completely random state of the union thoughts - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Jan. 29th, 2003

11:45 am - completely random state of the union thoughts

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If we really put money into fuel cell's we could have them on the
streets in 2-5 years, not 15. And fuel cells are pretty lame compared
to biodiesel, some kind of massive tech improvements on ethanol,
hybrids (combined with above), or just simply investing in public
transit infrastructure.

AIDS money is good...but he wants to focus on anti-retroviral drugs
primarily. So rather than "research to end a deadly disease" this is
"subsidy to the drug companies for something they already
make". It is great that we can extend the lives of those infected and
all but in the end they still die horrible deaths and the drugs do
_nothing_ to stop the spread of the disease. If anything they make the
disease less feared and thus increase it's spread. Let's spend some
money on _education_ and research for a vaccine and/or complete cure.

Money to put 300,000 people in drug rehab when there are 2,000,000
people in jail! Nice attempt to sound like you're trying to
decriminalize...but you fail.

Poor families will get $1400 back from the tax cuts. But how much will
their annual expenses increase with so many social programs being
underfunded or just eliminated? How much less will their annual income
be with the economy going to crap?

When he leans in and says with a cowboy smirk "let's just say they are
no longer a threat..." about folks that he's killed that really just
took the cake. Fucking cowboys.

I love how he implies that Iraq is on the path to _becoming_ like
North Korea if we don't attack. And then he says he'll work hard to
find a peaceful solution in North Korea. So he admits Iraq is small
potatoes compared to NK but somehow NK is deserving of more respect.


Date:January 29th, 2003 06:34 pm (UTC)

Hello, Zach ...

I'm fond of what Michael Kinsley wrote in his column responding to the SotU, specifically with regards to North Korea:

"He seems to be saying here that the United States should have invaded and conquered North Korea years ago. But as Bush sets it out, the "lesson" of Korea seems to be that if you don't go to war soon enough, you might have a problem years later that can be solved through regional discussions. That doesn't sound so terrible, frankly. Regional discussions can be grim, no doubt, but they're more fun than a war. So, what exactly is this lesson the Korean experience is supposed to offer?"

Currently, his column, titled "Morally Unserious" is linked to on the front page of Slate.com. I'm sure that it will be reprinted in the Washington Post in couple of days or so. At least I hope so.


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