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Interesting Friends - The Life and Thoughts of Zach

Sep. 13th, 2004

01:12 pm - Interesting Friends

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Date:September 13th, 2004 06:15 pm (UTC)
Does this mean the mighty zarfmouse is back in the states?
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Date:September 13th, 2004 06:32 pm (UTC)
Yep. I got back on Friday but was hanging out in Chicago until yesterday. I spent all of Sunday sleeping, literally. All of it.

Today I'm catching up on emails and LJ.

Soon I will post my long write up of Denmark, I've got a few more paragraphs to write first though :)

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Date:September 25th, 2004 06:25 pm (UTC)

...did you say denmark...

there is a three month long danish arts, performance and culture exposition overtaking the city of toronto commencing early october...think toronto . com or some related site will have many many enticing&herring raising details...half of me is rather looking forward to it, the other half is locked in a dark and doorless latrine searching for a mirror..( i hope this comment is somehow irrelevant...)
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