Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Grand: Ehn

Man hope_persists will probably hate me for this but I'm just not digging the new Erin McKeown as much as I thought I would. It seems pretty over produced. It gets better as it goes on and gets jazzier, those first few songs are pure pop.

I mean it's fantastic jazzy pop, her voice is still incredible, her lyrics are great, and theres some of the trademark jazzy funky stuff. But what I really love about Erin is how subtle she is. I love those songs where the instruments are barely playing but every lick that does come out is just pure funky sweetness.

But I guess she wanted to make a crankable loud album and she's got that in this one. I'm sure this'll grow on me, it's just not what I expected. If every album she makes is totally different from every other album that'd of course be a sign of her awesome musical genius. I still love her.

And, in unrelated reviewage, has anyone else noticed some serious noise on the Gillian Welch album Soul Journey? Like when I crank it there's a hum/buzz in the background. It isn't my stereo because other albums don't have this problem. It's pretty annoying because I love the songs SO MUCH but when I crank them I get distracted by that buzz.

This is the problem with spending so much time behind a sound board, you start to notice the little technical stuff. You wanna go replace a cable or EQ something out or move a monitor or lift a ground or jiggle something until it sounds better and you CAN'T.
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