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The real problem with Nashville doesn’t have to do with the music business, but living in a place with this many fucking Baptists. People come here from New York and L.A. expecting it to be a safer place to raise their kids, I guess because they’re under the impression that it’s easier to protect their kids from Baptists than gang members. That’s not necessarily true.</em>
-- Steve Earle, from a not-yet-published Onion A.V. Club article courtesy of rollick.

So UP Michigan was incredible as always. I will post pictures soon. cassiopia and I got to chill with the_sween and Eva, my sister Rory and hery boyfriend Eric, my mom and dad, my grandma Betty, my uncle John, my cousins Meg, Kelly, and Daniel, Daniel's friend Taylor, and my parent's friend Scott. I haven't seen Meg and Kelly in about a decade or more. They were kids then and they're peers now. It's pretty cool. I can actually see a lot of similarities in a really tangential way in their personalities to me and my sister.

We did lots of hiking. I never got around to skinny dipping but I did wake up to an ice cold jump in the lake every morning and we finished every night with a huge fire and music. That place is positively paradise. I don't think the_sween ever wanted to leave. I can see why my parents want to get a place up there when they retire. There's so much potential. There's a lot of conflict between some very idealistic folks and some very opportunistic folks in the dormant/nascent tourist industry up there. Maybe they need an influx of additional idealists to just take over and turn it into utopia. There's this tiny inkling of a desire in me to reevaluate my long term "urban commune in urbana" plans in favor of a quasi-rural UP commune. Long term. Inkling. That is all. It will pass.

Things are really moving forward with the music festival that they want me to put together up there. They've going to have a budget. They've got a beautiful space. All the logistics are going to fall together. I'll post more about that soon. Basically it's going to be a 3 day long music festival the weekend after Labor Day in September 2005. There will be camping, music on multiple stages, indoors and out, featuring national and local acts. We hope to draw 1000 people or so. The whole thing will be in the Porcupine Mountains State Park surrounded by majesty. They've got the money, resources, and volunteers and I'm going to put it all together. This is going to fucking rock. I'll post pictures of the site soon.

I wonder how much Steve Earle costs...
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