Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


assclouds just showed me "Spin" a few nights ago, a documentary in which this guy analyzes satallite uplink footage from 1992 that he taped himself. What happens when these folks are not on TV is scary. We know they are scary but seeing it in action is even worse.

You can download the entire 60 minute documentary here, it's a huge download but it is SO worth it, this is amazing.

Here's a particularly choice excerpt:

Larry King Live With Bill Clinton
(Feeding from Louisville, Kentucky -- 10/28/92)

King: It's crazy. Ted Turner changed the world. He's a big fan of yours.

Clinton: Is he?

King: He would-ah-serve you-you know what I mean?

Clinton: You're kidding.

King: Oh you'd be surprised--he's ready--what's he got left in life to gain. I'd call him after you're elected. Think about it. No dope.

Clinton: That's for sure.

King: Great guy to work for, too...
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