Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

I'm on the ballot!

Today the Champaign County Electoral Board ruled in my favor. I'm still on the ballot for county board!

Voters Will Be Able to Vote Green This November

Urbana, IL - At a hearing on Tuesday, July 27, 2004, the Champaign County Officer's Electoral Board upheld the right of Green Candidates Susan Rodgers, Ken Urban, Dave Sacks, and Zach Miller, to remain on the ballot for Champaign County Board. These candidates' ballot access rights had recently been challenged by local democratic party operatives.

Zach Miller, Green Party candidate for County Board District 9, was excited to finally have a ruling on his right to run for office. Miller was challenged on the basis of having too few signatures; this morning the board ruled that he has more than the required 319 signatures. Zach stated, "I look forward to resuming my campaign which has been stalled for over a month by these objections."

The remaining candidates, Ken Urban and Dave Sacks from District 7 and Susan Rodgers for District 8, were challenged on election law issues such as the residency and intentions of student candidates, Dave Sacks and Susan Rodgers. Susan Rodgers said, "The board's upholding of my right to be on the ballot is an important victory for students of the county I am running in a district with a high student population; those student voters deserve to be able to vote and possibly be represented by a student."

Ken Urban, Green Party candidate for County Board District 7, said, "It's great that the board upheld the will of the voters."

These candidates are endorsed by the Prairie Green Party of East Central Illinois, a chapter of the Illinois Green Party. For more information on the Prairie Greens, visit <>

For more info on Ken Urban visit, <>
For more information on Zach Miller visit, <>


This press release has been approved by the Green Party candidates for Champaign County Board.
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