Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


So uh...I've been horribly remiss in coordinating travel to UP Michigan which is only a week and a half away. Who is still planning on joining us? cassiopia and I are driving up on Wednesday night (Aug 4). We'll stop in Madison or Wassau or something. We'll get to Ontonagon Thursday afternoon or evening.

My parents have reserved one of the cabins for me and my friends (and maybe some of my sister's friends. So far me and cassiopia and the_sween and Eva are all confirmed. We probably have room for 3-4 more people in the cabin and then people will have to start pitching tents or getting rooms across the street (there's plenty of places to get rooms we just don't have them reserved yet).

Please let me know if you still want to come up there.
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