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This weekend.

Ok This is the last weekend that I have to hang out in Chicago for the next month and a half. I haven't hung with Chicago folks in a while so I intend to make the most of it.

My sister is going to bring me up to Chicago on Wednesday.

sarpo is going to be in town on Wednesday and desires to just hang out at a dive bar or some such thing.

duck2ducks will be appearing in Boomstick on Friday and Saturday and I really want to see that.

boannan will be done with the bar as of Wednesday night.

cassiopia and I are going go to to Bristol Renaissance Faire on Sunday. We want company.

Even though I have no plans yet and few of these people know I'm planning on coming up, this long-weekend is going to rock.

I must warn, however, that I MUST get some work done on Thursday and Friday. So I'll be plopping myself down in front of someone's broadband with my laptop and my WAP for several hours during the day on those days. It won't be ALL party.
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