Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Dream Roundup

I've had a huge number of very interesting dreams lately but I've been lax in writing them down so now I'll attempt to dredge up the few little tidbits of otherwise lengthy and complex dreams that I've had in the past few days:


I'm in Seattle and I'm hanging out with xymboulos at some outdoor cafe/bar type place. In this dream he is really a wildly different person only being played by my friend because he is at a place in life where he has had a long streak of striking out in the dating department (in real life he is happily married) and he just rashly and randomly decides to seize the day and hit on the waitress who is serving us.

He invites her to go to another bar later that night. Amazingly she accepts. Somehow she doesn't realize it is a date and he doesn't want to admit that it is a date so he ends up inviting me along and she ends up inviting her boyfriend along and much awkwardness ensues when xymboulos for some reason doesn't get it and hits on her anyway (with the classic yawn, arm stretch, reach around, hug thing that people only do in the movies).

I have no idea how it resolved but the weirdest thing about this dream was that it was all in a very realistic setting and the dream was dominated by dialog. I remarked to cassiopia that my dreams are usually much more surreal and much more focused on setting and mood. I said my dreams are usually more Star Wars and less American Graffitti, more Dogma and less Clerks, more Kubrick and less Hartley. This dream did not fit that stereotype.

I wish I could remember all the brilliant witty ironic dialog. (My dialog dreams are usually structured like a movie, all my dreams are structured like movies....there was plenty of ironic foreshadowing about what was going to happen later in the dream....or at least it _seemed_ clever to the dreaming was of course probably just the cleverness detector neurons short circuiting while the actual dialog was gibberish).


I'm at a garage sale and there is a bolt cutter for sale (in real life I was just at a pawn shop where a bolt cutter was for sale). I joke to my dad (again, random dream character played by my dad) that it would be ironic if someone were to buy the bolt cutter and use it to steal something of greater value from the seller. My dad thinks this is such a funny idea that, as a joke, he will do just that. He buys the bolt cutter and while the seller isn't looking he cuts down the support braces on an air conditioning unit that is hanging over our heads. Suddenly we all have to rush in to support the air conditioner unit that is now about to fall on us.

As we wrestle it to the ground one of those dream reality shifts happens and it turns out to be a tiny little micro-car. A car the size of an air conditioner. The owner of this little car traded it in for a newer model of tiny little car that was slightly bigger because she couldn't fit in this one.

As if it is a dare, I decide that _I_ can fit in this one. I scoot into the car against the wishes of the owner (possibly colluding with the whole previous "theft" theme of the dream, I might be trying to make a get away to cover for my dad) but as I climb into this impossibly small space the mere momentum of my shimmying into the car puts it into motion. And I'm in no position to work the breaks so I'm rolling along out of control and I end up hitting and denting the new tiny car that is parked nearby (thus turning this small innocent joke robbery with a bolt cutter into a major expensive liability as I'll have to pay for) and I keep rolling.

The dream becomes a variation on my ongoing series of always different out of control car dreams. I'm holding the breaks down and the car is just skidding but it doesn't slow down. So then I pump the breaks. Then I take evasive action. Then I end up going down a hill. I am forced to go through intersections with red lights and face the danger that is now out of my control. I wake up before I can resolve the problem. But I wake up with the last minute thought "oh duh...if I'd turned the car around and pointed uphill (gravity removes kinetic energy) I could have used gravity to stop me and then ditched it in the grass (friction removes potential energy!) once I slowed down to keep me from rolling backwards". If only I could go to sleep and enact that brilliant plan.


Huh. I guess I've actually completely forgotten the other 3 or 4 good dreams. Damn.
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