Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


Someone asked me today: I don't mean this to be snide, just keeping track: You're anti-Nader now?.

My response:
I am neither anti- not pro- Nader.

I am "anti-the-way-Nader-has-jerked-the-Greens-around".

I do share [random other person who was part of the discussion]'s observation that his whole public character has significantly changed since 2000. He's lost a lot of charisma, a lot of spark, a lot of energy, a lot of inspiration. He seems to be running for spite where last time he was running for vision. He's an old dude, I sometimes wonder if he's mentally competent to be running this campaign.

But I still stand by my support for him in 2000. I don't feel that I've thoroughly examined his current campaign (as I spent my presidential campaign enegeries on Kucinich in the primary and have spent it on Cobb and the overall Green ballot access process since then) enough to know if I disapprove.

As someone who put a HUGE amount of effort into Nader's 2000 campaign, I'm mad at him for turning his back on his former allies. That has absolutely no bearing on whether I think people should vote for him or not. My position on his campaign, when I finally finish forming it, will be based on what the goals of the campaign are, what his strategy to acheive those goals is, and what the substance of his public rhetoric contains.

I found it ironic to see that on Nader's website there is an open letter and a followup to Michael Moore asking why Moore has left his former allies (the Nader campaign) behind when the Nader campaign itself has left its former ally -- the Greens -- behind.
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