Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


Last night we had the best storm ever! I went out to eat at Paradiso while it was trickling and the storm peaked in this huge downpour just as I finished eating. So I rushed out into it. Lightning and thunder and hail and wind and TONS of rain everywhere.

A downed tree hit by lightning blocked my path at one street so I figured I was probably safe because what're the odds of two disasters in close proximity? :)

There are few things nicer than walking barefoot in REALLY wet grass. Splashing through a little mini-river of runoff water is cool too.

After it was all over, as the sun was going down, the world was bathed in a very beautiful pink light. I've never seen the world in quite that light before. Everything was this crazy color, everywhere.

Got caught up on sleep, now it's time to catch up on the world.
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