Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

CNN is such a tool.

My god. CNN is such a damned tool.

President Bush falls off a Segway. This is hilarious. The British media gets right to the point about the hilarity of it.

Here's the BBC's account of it. They get right to the point in the opening paragraph and the sarcasm is just dripping by the third paragraph ("lawnmower-like steed").

George W Bush has fallen off a Segway - a new stand-on scooter designed to make motorised travel user-friendly.

The machine went down when he stepped onto it at his family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, but he managed to leap to safety, landing on his feet.

The US president managed to master his lawnmower-like steed at the second attempt and cruised around the driveway with his father George Bush Senior following closely on a second Segway.

And then there's CNN. Now sure this story is something that could happen to anyone and it's all just funny bullshit, not really news. But the ONLY reason Bush's vacation is being reported on at all is because this fall happened. And yet CNN takes 10 paragraphs describing other inane details of Bush's weekend before in the final two paragraphs mentioning the fall. And they don't fail to paint Bush in heroic never give up Real American terms either.

The Segway went down on Bush's first attempt, but he stayed on his feet with a flying leap over the machine. Undeterred, he got on again. His father climbed on a second Segway and they cruised around the driveway at the estate at Walker's Point.

CNN is such a tool.
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