Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Weird Dreams

One of my recurring dreams came true today. Riding my bike, with threadbare back tire, on a slick parking lot, a sudden turn caused the bike to skid out from under me landing me on the ground embarrassed in front of onlookers. Fucked up my pedal and left me bruised, but unlike in the dream I didn't suddenly wake up breathless. No other damages.

I've been having much more interesting dreams than that in the last few days though. Since I didn't write them down as soon as I woke up from them I only have snippets:


Driving in a car with my dad I point out the window to two distant funnel clouds. We fall into philosophical discussion about how abstractly interesting they are to watch, forces of nature and all that and how easy it is to be detached from the fact that they're really tearing the shit out of some neighboring towns. As we watch one of the funnel clouds veers closer and closer to us and suddenly we realize that for the first times in our lives we're going to encounter a tornado first hand and not abstractly. Dad hits the gas and we speed away from the tornado as fast as we can. We end up going down into a deep wooded valley where we find a gas station. We go in (even when running from a tornado you've gotta stop to pee and drink orange juice and fuel up) and find that my mom and sister are there. Everyone from the station is hanging out outside not sure what to do, they're all refuges fleeing the oncoming tornado. Everyone is trying to remember their grade school tornado drill training and how to apply it to this situation, the windows of the gas station are all glass. Eventually we huddle in a ditch away from the gas pumps and glass, we remember that tornados often skip over valleys so we're probably pretty safe. As we huddle suddenly the sky becomes a DEEP blue, the air is thick with blueness, and everything is perfectly still, frozen, silent, as the tornado passes slowly overhead.


Walking down the street with some friends I'm showing off my new remote control car. It's a full size actual car that I've modified so I can control it with a PC keyboard's arrow keys. I'm driving the car alongside us but then get the idea to send the car on up ahead. Somehow it doesn't immediately occur to me that when the car turns the corner I will be far enough away that I won't be able to see where it is going. As the car turns the corner I panick to stop the car. But then I remember that it'll be sitting stopped in the middle of the road so I jam some keys to try to bring it back into view. It doesn't appear and I realize that I'm probably slamming the car around recklessly. We run up to inspect the situation and I find that the car has been completely embedded in another car. Like you look inside the other car and there's my car. The woman who owns the other car is furious.

I ran away because the car actually belonged to my parents and I didn't want to report to them that I crashed their car AGAIN. But people saw me and so now the cops are after me and I'm on the lam for hit and run and evading an insurance claim. There's a very extended chase where I'm running through bars and beaches and streets. Eventually the cop catches up to me and has me at gun point in close range and shoots. I put up my hand to grab the gun and the bullet goes painfully into my hand but somehow I manage to turn my hand around just before the bullet exits the other side and so it exits the other side and hits the cop! (Crazy dream physics I tell ya!) So now not only am I on the run for hit and run and evading an insurance claim but for killing a cop and evading the laws of physics. The rest of the dream involves trying to hide the weapon by getting to the most remote out of the way wilderness possible and then hitchhiking back to reality.


In another dream there's all kinds of craziness at a grocery store that I don't remember but the dream ends with my Grandma Joan (who is deceased) getting out of her car to come and straighten things out. Her walk from the car to the grocery store was in slow motion with dramatic triumphant music in the background and a sort of glow to the whole scene. I woke up pretty emotional from this one, I'm not sure that I've ever dreamed about her before.


I've forgotten the rest of the last few days dreams.
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