Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

I'm such a pusher.

Eva and Mark (the_sween) are married now! arun251 and I (with the insanely crucial help of cassiopia and jane837) DJ'ed the whole affair (ceremony music, cocktail hour music, dinner music, dancing music). It was quite the PA and lighting system for a 100 person wedding. It was SO MUCH fun.

As with all great weddings, got to see lots of old friends who now live far away. I think that when we're all old and married that we should keep getting re-married to make sure that we have an excuse to party a few times every year.

The wedding was in a beautiful state park with vast amounts of grassy marshland as the backdrop, under a handmade arch built out of small trees by Eva's grandpa, revjack did the ceremony.

The thing I liked the most about the ceremony was the call and response of "Will you cause her sadness." "I may." "Is that your intention." "No." They repeated lots of questions like that. Good things (we will love each other) and bad things (they may happen but we don't mean for them to).
For cocktail hour there was Sushi!

DJing was fun but quite tiring. It was very cute to have Eva's mom telling us to turn it up and Eva's grandma telling us to turn it down. People requesting more rock and other people requesting more jazz. We did well though, we mixed together a lot of good 80s and funk music that we knew people would love with some of our weirder stuff that we thought people SHOULD love. We had 2 CD players die but luckily we had brought 5 CD players with us.

I was sadly unable to fulfill my dream of one day attending a wedding where everything said in the ceremony was super easy for everyone (even deaf old people) to hear. They declined amplification for the ceremony.

My family was all there. Eva was actually my first girlfriend back in high school and so she's known my parents for quite a while. Eva's mom didn't really remember my parents but my dad broke the ice with "remember when our kids got in trouble together and got sent home during the first week of IMSA?" That's how our parents met -- in the principal's office. We'd been sitting on the roof which was 6 feet off the ground. 5 security guards swooped to the scene and sent us packing.

It was good to see Julia and her boy Mike. Mike is a very cool guy, we talked at great length about computational linguistics. Apparently they're considering moving back to Chicago. I like that everyone comes back to Illinois eventually. All I have to do is sit patiently here in Champaign waiting and eventually all those friends that scattered will be back in driving distance.

I'll post our playlists when we finish compiling them.

Arun and I couldn't drink while we were DJ'ing so at the party at the hotel afterwards we made up for lost time by calling all aboard on the whiskey tour train.

The Whiskey Train takes about 1 hour to hit all its stops:

2 shots of Jack Daniels
1 shot of Jamesons.
1 shot of Crown Royal
1 shot of Knob Creek
1 shot of Bushmills

Last call happened before we could tack on the caboose (1 shot of tequila). I managed to enlist about 8 people per round to ride the train with me although probably only 5 people stayed on for the whole trip.

A bunch of people ended up heading back to our hotel room, someone brought a pitcher of beer, someone ordered some pizza, and we just chatted for a few more hours. We eventually fell asleep at 4am.

As one bastard passes away, two awesome souls unite.
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