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Quickie Update of Random Life

The Melissa Ferrick show on Wednesday night was Awesome. She broke two strings during one song and never stopped strumming. She just retuned her guitar to a sensible bassy open tuning and played a 10+ minute sex-with-melissa-tutorial version of drive. Sam Shaber who opened was just as excellent as everyone has said she is. I was so happy to see two great east coast folkies playing at a well attended show at a major local venue. I ran into a few WEFTie friends who had never heard Melissa or Sam live before and were totally converted to the way. They're going to help me book shows in the future so maybe I won't be giving it up as I thought I would.

I've been spending a huge amount of volunteer time on the extensive tech requirements of my friend Sarah's art project. For better or worse, it opens tonight. I've had a ton of fun working on a project that combines art, covert and overt direct action, micropower radio, web streaming, and community dialog/public discourse. It's weird not being a student and being burned out by the final push before a finals deadline though. Everyone should come to Krannert Art Museum tonight at 5:30pm for the opening though.

Amy and I have just embarked on watching B5 all the way through.

I've been up to visit my parents a few times in the last month and we visited Amy's parents for Easter. After months of not traveling enough I'm about traveled out for a while again. I seem to have entered a bipolar travel pattern.

I petitioned today. I'm running for County Board with the Green Party. Who wants to help? Tomorrow at 3pm we're meeting at my place.

Upcoming: Artists Against AIDS, IMCfest, working hard on CU Wireless, raising some last bits of cash for the Capital Campaign. And lots of other stuff.

Oh and I'm still a big loser and not reading anyone's livejournal's. I suck. Call me or email me or something if you've announced something cool and I missed it.
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