Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

night of many scenes

I dreamt I was with a large group of IMC people putting on a play, The dream was at the very first read through of the play, none of the actors had any idea what the story was, what their characters were like, or anything.

And yet there was a HUGE audience. People were invited to come to the first read through. Someone thought it would be fun and that it was a great way to give free access to drama to people who couldn't afford to come to a normal play.

There was a scene where my character (some kind of wizard or priest) was supposed to perform some ritual but the props were all wrong and the timing in the script was all wrong. So I just couldn't do it, so I pantomimed and walked away while some other people sniggered. Then because of trying to figure that out without breaking the flow of the performance I lost my place in the script and had to page through the book. Every time there was a pause in the action I thought "shit this is probably where I'm supposed to say something, I've gotta find it". Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't.

I have a recurring dream where I'm in a play and it is performance night and I don't know my lines yet but this was the first such dream where it wasn't my fault (because it was just the first read through and the organizer created this mess).

At the end of the play dream a bunch of us were outside in a courtyard area in downtown Urbana and there was a really cool very tall swing thing (like a tire swing, you could spin on it). I was on the swing trying to do some tricks, trying to learn how it worked. It was really fun.

I had another dream where some dude who was hanging around our house decided to go up into the attic to do some ill-conceived crazy (possibly suicidal) thing. When we found out what he was doing we decided to launch a rescue mission. We decided there was no talking him down so we have to cut a hole in the ceiling, jump up there, and wrestle him down out of the ceiling. Whoever my coconspirator was was going to do the deed. But when it came time to implement this it just didn't work out the rescuer was over powered and now we'd lost the trust of the guy in the ceiling. He became paranoid and defniitely wasn't going to come down now.

There was a third dream involving the attic where all the wiring in our house was somewhat faulty and giving people electric shocks. It had something to do with some random device being wired with Cat 5 that went too close to a regular high power conduit and there was some induction stuff going on. The dream was basically just me trying to find people to help me fix the problem.

There was another dream about riding subway trains. I dreamed about different kinds of stations, really run down ones and really high tech ones. Poor people hanging around on the streets near some. Going up and down really long stairways to get to certain trains in a city that had many different levels of sidewalks. There was no real plot, no place I was trying to get to, I was just riding subway trains all dream long.
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