Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


Life is too hectic to journal about, and I've not been keeping up nearly religiously enough with all your journals. I'm sorry. But here's a meme. Woo.

If you call me "Zarf" you are probably duck2ducks or rolandkale or you know me and them from Wauconda. If you call me "Zarfius Maximus" or "beeyotch" then you are definitely duck2ducks.

If you call me "Zachy" you are my sister.

If you call me "Crackers", "Wacky", "Wacky Boy" or "Monsieur a Ri" you are my parents, mainly my Mom.

If you call me "wolfgang" you are from IMSA but you don't know me at all.

if you call me "Waffy", you know me through some disreputable website or other.

If you call me "Miller" you are my coach and somehow we've gone backwards in time by about 15 years.

If you call me "Little Muel" you are my Dad's friend from high school or that friend's sister. This is rare.

If you call me "Sugar" you are my late Grandmother.

If you call me "Zachary" you have a business relationship with me.

If you are anyone else you call me "Zach" unless you just met me then you call me "Zack".
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