Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

crazy dreams of oppression

I waited too long after having them to write up these dreams, but boy howdy did I have some crazy ones last night.

Many of them were in a style that would have lent itself to animation. I don't remember if the dreams were animated or not but thinking back on them they should have been.

In one dream I lived in a castle and was some kind of major leader of a planetary empire of some sort. This totally evil foam rubber thing that looked like Aku from Samarai Jack came to attack us. I fought it with a sword all over the place but it turned out you couldn't destroy it unless you used some special potion to disolve the foam rubber. The pieces ended up growing back and attacking again.

At one point I had all the pieces under a rug and I was stomping on it, jumping on it, trying to squish the life out of every last little inch of evil foam rubber.

In another dream, me and some woman I was in love with (played by a dream extra) are in a laboratory and about to be tortured by some scientist dude because the government believes that we've had some extra dimensional experience with some mystical body of water or island or something and they want information about it. We both know we have no information about it so although we're really really scared of the impending pain we are mocking the torturer, egging him on. We know were going to face the max pain possible in his quest for answers so we do what we can to feel like we've got some power/bravery.

In another dream, possibly the same one, me and some woman I was in love with (played by a dream extra) are in a laboratory and the scientists are discussing some kind of breeding program involving some men in the next room. These seven women walk in and are assigned off by the scientists to the men. Me and the person I'm with want to speak up and tell these women what they're getting into but somehow we can't. There's also some undercurrent that the union between this woman and I is forbidden because it was arrived at outside of the breeding program and we're about to be punished for that.

Another dream involved a dolphin in a pool and a complex set of water-way passages and opening and closing locks through which the dolphin is either free or not free. I don't remember the detail but there was a lot of swimming and moral quandry.

I swear to god, I'm not facing any moral quandry right now. I have no idea where this all came from.
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