Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Journal Entries in the Works

Life has been eventful in the last few weeks.

1. Chicago, dsjones, and her visit to Urbana.
2. My second date with cassiopia in Louisville.
3. The Clamor Party, Political Performance Class and all the massive Drama that was behind it.
4. My third date with cassiopia in Urbana.
5. Zachary Miller - Green Party candidate for Champaign County Board in District 9.
6. My new life as a freelance employee.

You'll hear about all of these things in due time. I started the writeup of (1) and it's like pages and pages long but I haven't had time to finish. I fear some of the others will be pretty long too. The more interesting life is, the more there is to journal about, the less time there is to journal about it. Damn!

My dad fucking jammed with Corey Harris last weekend. How fucking cool is that?
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