Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

UP Adventure: Mark your calendars.

Mark your calendars. August 6,7,8,9.

My parents are putting together a little shin dig in UP Michigan that weekend and asked me how many of my friends might want to join us up there. Being the person that I am, I decided that I'd like to make it a Big Shin Dig. I'm thinking of renting one of their larger cottages for the 4 days, the larger cottage has beds for 6 and can pack in a few more people on the floors. There's also the possibility of getting a few other rooms there as well for more people. There's also nearby campgrounds and other nearby resorts.

This place is right on the beach of Lake Superior and 5 miles from the Porcupine Mountains. Bonfires on the beach, northern lights, hiking, beautiful waterfalls, skinny (or clothed) dipping in crystal clear fresh water, and lots of crazy yoopers to socialize with.

Who wants to join us up there?
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