Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Last night's ill remembered dream

A group of people on a road trip decides to orchestrate a drag race on the interstate. Lots of details in the set up with other oblivious cars whizzing by. Of course just when I think I'm all ready when it comes down to the race I go and when I'm done I realize I didn't know all the rules. I get separated from the group and have to figure out how to make my way back to the starting line (can't drive backwards on the interstate). There's some discussion about a rule whereby cars can only change lanes to the left. This makes it colossally unfair to anyone in the leftmost lane who gets cut off. It also makes the course different lengths depending on whether the curves go left or right and which lane you're in. Only after the race did I realize how unfair this was.

There were at least two other great dreams last night thatI woke up thinking I should definitely document but they've disolved from my brain.
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