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Meme from domystic - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Feb. 4th, 2004

12:30 pm - Meme from domystic

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I love how domystic posted this but didn't answer the questions! Silly. This looks fun because it's so damned random (it's like a cogsci experiment!) and an excuse to be personal and confessional rather than trivial like many question memes. Let's see how it goes.

The Twenty of 20:
The 20 of Twenty

1. I wore red...when I was a little kid and thought it was my favorite color because people kept asking me what my favorite color was and I just chose red because I'd heard it was my dad's favorite color and I needed an answer to give.
2. I took myself dancing...last night at the Canopy Club. I always dance alone. Last night some hippie chicks were flirting with me because of my silly dancing but I was awkward and they were drunk and then I scurried off.
3. I learned that when I'm upset...I need to go running for a LONG time before I do anything else.
4. I lived on my own...never. I've always had roomates or housemates.
5. Sex was amazing...when I was having it.
6. I thought I wanted an official...grownup job but I'm sick of that.
7. I used a fake...answer to this question because I'm seriously blanking on what significant fakery I've ever participated in.
8. I dated more than...one person at a time and it was weird and fucked up.
9. My fashion walked the edge of...existing. I generally consider myself to be entirely divorced from the concept of fashion but from time to time I catch myself thinking about how I'm going to dress for something.
10. I had an opportunity with someone...to do something crazy. And we did.
11. Turns out I like "people" more than...pretty much anything. For instance, computers.
12. Some friends took...me away from boredom and depression to a party. Many times. That's what some friends are for.
13. I wanted to belong. I belonged. Then...everyone moved to other cities.
14. I realized how contrived...people's sense of social justice can be when in sixth grade I organized a 50 strong Ozone Awareness Kids group and they were all with me until I told them they had to give up McDonalds and Hairspray.
15. I learned the rules of...many fabulous strategy games in high school in Gamer's Club. Games have much more interesting and important rules than real life.
16. I watched...all of Buffy Season 1 in a 2 day period.
17. I cut drama out of...my life by learning to walk away from the folks who were cause it.
18. I was understood...only when I talked slowly about the simplest of matters when I was in Vienna.
19. I got into all sorts of...fun in Chicago just by going there and picking up a newspaper and picking something to do.
20. I am more than capable of...finishing memes even if at the end I have the sinking feeling that my answers were wholy uninteresting and mundane when I should have put more effort into giving them creative unity.


Date:February 5th, 2004 05:41 am (UTC)
your answers amuse me. So at least you're doing something positive with your day.
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