Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Chicago Kucinich Alert

Hey you Chicago people. Campaigning is really fun. You should try it. I can't think of a more fun campaign to get involved with than the Kucinich one. Go to these meetings, meet cool people, spread the word about how the country should really be run. Put some heat on the moderates. Feel good about yourself. With 3 equally innocuous/lame/evil (depending on your perspective) total moderates racing for the nomination there's nothing to lose in supporting Kucinich in the Illinois primary. Kucinich's delegates at a brokered convention could end up being decisive in the final outcome.
Dear Supporter,

It is time to bring the American Dream to Illinois and get involved here - NOW!

Here are two meetings to get us started!

Chicago Meet-Up 2/5/04:

Where: "Red Line Tap" is the bar next to Heartland Cafe [7000 North Glenwood / Chicago, IL / 773-465-8005]

When: Feb. 5th @ 7:00 PM

What: Meet fellow Kucitizens interested in the Rockin' Revolution for Kucinich or who want to play a role in Kucinich exposure efforts during the final 3 weeks of the Illinois campaign

The following items will be covered:

Organize a Kucinich Visibility effort in Chicago for the last 3 weeks prior to the IL primaries.

Sign up volunteers for the Rockin Revolution, 6 musical gigs across Chicago from Feb 26th-March 14th. Volunteers will take money and pass out flyers.

Illinois Strategy Meeting 2/8/04:

Where: The Zephyr [1775 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL / (773) 728-6070]

When: Feb. 8th from 4-6:30 PM

What: Each Congressional District in Illinois will be shaping an individual plan to get 15% of the Illinois vote for Dennis Kucinich. Looking at the 1% IA/NH ef
forts, some might consider this next to impossible. I on the other hand see things from a different perspective; when one considers that Dean, Lieberman and probably Clark will have dropped from the race by this time 15% is very probable. Illinois has the best opportunity of any state to turn out delegates for Kucinich.

The following items will be discussed:
Voter database management
Precinct organization
Outreach strategies
Event planning for DJK's time in Illinois
Media Relations
Get-out-the-vote phase

As this is a team effort, all input is welcome prior to the meeting or during the meeting.

Sincerely, The Illinois Kucinich Team
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