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So before I had live journal I had notesfiles. A tightly knit online community centered around my my old high school (from class of '89 to current students and staff). I spent hours a day posting to notesfiles until a month or so ago the server went down for a month's worth of maintenance. Thats when I really started playing with livejournal and I became completely hooked on the form that online community takes here.

I just posted the following to one of my forums on the notesfiles.

I find it interesting that after over a month's hiatus notesfiles are just the same as they were when we all lost them. It's still a bunch of testosterone addled hyper-competitive smartasses fighting for position constantly claiming moral superiority.

There've been times in my life where this was a fun game to play and other times when I could ignore it in favor of the highly valuable metabrain information flow. But since I've been without it for a month I just can't start caring again, yet.

It doesn't help that there's no emacs.

I'm so much happier with the culture of People there are So much more productive and cooperative and interesting and diverse. My addiction has changed.

I'm sure notesfiles will grow on me again.

Let me know if you want an account on livejournal.

Zarf Mouse

I wonder if people (and here I mean "the people I communicate with...I make no claims about the vast unobserved datapool of people whose journals I don't read) on have more respect for each other because everyone has their own little turf (so if you're a jerk on someone else's turf you can get your comments deleted) BUT also if you are a jerk on your own turf no one will be your "friend".
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