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But I'm a Cheerleader

Today I became a cheerleader.

For a while now I've been feeling totally burned out by "theoretical activism". I spend so much time organizing resources for activists, training activists, raising money and awareness for an organization that helps activists, observing activists, reporting on activism, reading and talking about activism, dreaming about activism. And so little time DOING activism. And even less time having FUN. Too much of my time is spent being far too serious.

I've got all this creative energy that is just dissipating as heat. It's there, it's not used, it fizzles and I get incrementally more burned out. I've got all this goofball spirit and I spend all my time being serious and stoic and moderate and diplomatic. I bust out when I dance and that's about it these days. I don't act out like I used to. I need an outlet for that.

So imagine how excited I was when this girl who had only been in town for 3 hours shows up at the IMC Anniversary Party and her roomate introduces her to a group of us and it turns out she was at Miami and she really wants to start Radical Cheerleaders here in Chambana. So I gave her the names of some folks, lost_not_forgot organized some folks, a meeting time was set, and tonight we created Champaign-Urbana's Radical Cheerleaders.

We started our meeting with cheers. 6 of us, 2 of us boys (John and I), 2 of us over 18 (Sarah and I), thus I'm the most out of place in the group, jumping around the IMC yelling and dancing and shaking our booties and waving our arms around about the evils of corporations and the rightness of masturbation.

We made plans to do massive outreach and get lots more people. Boys and girls, old people and teens, shy and outgoing. We're going to make silly costumes. We're going to flyer. We're going to learn lots of cheers. We're going to practice on the Quad. We're going to perform at Prospect for Peace and Dance Against AIDS and the Clamor Party and the April March for Choice and the Farmer's Market and anywhere else we can think of.

You. Yes you. Should join us. We meet on Wednesdays at 7pm at the IMC. I know you're too shy to dress in a silly outfit with pom poms and jump around shouting down the evils of the world and having a lot of silly joyous fun but that's all the more reason you should join us. It's in you and it's got to get out. Anger and joy in one sleek silly package. If they're laughing at you then you're doing it right. You can't do this wrong. It's the opposite of regular cheerleaders.
R is for radical and
A is for all right
D is for democracy and
I is for insight
C is for cheering, and
A for anarchy
L is for lovin'
and that is what you'll see!
Raadddical, don't let the po-lice know
Raadddical, or they won't let you go!
uh Huh uh Huh uh Huh uh Huh!
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