Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

I have a crush on you.

Earlier today I thought about playing this game (by registering crushes in the first place, I never originally did the first crush meme). But then I was overwhelmed by how much silliness such a game would cause.

If I used to date someone, and still like em plenty enough, are they an ex-crush? Or is ex-crush only for people I now dislike? If I would have a crush on someone if they weren't currently dating someone, is it rude to state a crush on them via a website? If I had a crush on them until I found out they were dating someone, does that make them an ex-crush? If I have a crush on someone but don't have ANY intention of following up on it because I know it just wouldn't work, what would I do if they found out? Is the expectation one of a wide net, and hence anyone I vaguely think is cool should be listed or they'll feel dissed or a narrow net so that anyone who finds out I have a crush on them will think it's serious?

So I currently resist this meme because it makes me neurotic just thinking about it. It helps that NO ONE has listed me as a crush so clearly all my friends suck. :)

So let's just say that I've got a crush on most of you and if you pay me $4 I'll tell you if you're in or out, with a detailed account of just exactly what the nature of my crush for you is. :)
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