Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Last Night's Show

Last night's show was really awesome.

Sista Otis' band is incredible. Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, heavily processed electric guitar, and percussion (congas, doumbeks, midi drum pad, etc). The non-set percussionist might have been the best I've ever seen. At least the coolest to watch and dance to. She was in that trance world all over the place. They even covered All Along the Watchtower with a serious drum breakdown just like my dad always does. No one danced with me, there was so much rhythm waiting to be explored and no one else wanted to explore it. That was sad.

Kate Hathaway played fully electric with her band. I hadn't seen them in their current incarnation yet. They rocked the place. Sista Otis members were seen grooving along. Kate has such a great voice. I like her acoustic guitar styling a lot better, she gets such a good sound, but I know the kids like to rock out on the electrics. So it was fun for all.

But only about 12 people showed up and a few of them left after the opening band. I lost about $160 on this show. Apparently in Detroit they draw 400 person crowds.

What the hell do I have to do? I sent out thousands of emails, I posted to several LJ forums and other relevent websites, I got an article in the centerfold of the Buzz, I got a little picture on the side of the front page of The Paper. Fliers went to a couple high schools. I sent personal emails to various members of the Secret Grrrl Underground Network as well as the related Secret Underground Lesbian Network hoping they'd rally a crowd to come to this awesome high-energy anarcho-feminist uber-indie urban folk show. Add to that the fact that Kate Hathaway usually draws a sizable crowd of her own. I just don't know what happened. I could have put up more posters but it was COLD and in the past over-postering hasn't been the silver bullet either.

One other really cool thing was that they really liked my work as the sound guy and their techie guy on the processed electric guitar asked me if they could pay me to haul the IMC PA up to a 400 person venue and do sound for them in Evanston next week when they play there. Sadly the PA is already reserved for Skeleton Danse. All you Chicago kids had better go to the show and tell the band Zach sent ya. :)

The whole band stayed at my house last night and it was cool to hang with them. Nice folks each and everyone.
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