Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Power Outage

Last night our power went out at 11:30am just as we were sitting down to some Cartoon Network TiVo action and I was getting ready to do some consulting work online on my laptop.

Much of Champaign-Urbana was apparently hit. Lots of people got their power back after an hour or so but ours was out until 3:30am.

Jon got out his guitar and started strumming so I went and got my harmonicas and other stuff. Jay got his little toy piano. We picked a bunch of instruments in the key of C and just started making random noise. The best part about having a lot of instruments in the same key is that you just hit discord and discord for a long time but statistically eventually everyone returns to the root or a good harmony with the root at the same time and it resolves all the tension and suddenly there's this Power. It's like you'd composed all that discord on purpose and it was all heading to this random moment where everything resolves and sounds beautiful. Over the course of the night we played harmonicas, toy piano, guitar, shepherds flute, chimes, train whistle, shakers, sung voice, drums, and finger piano.

This is the second time I've tried this with a group of people and it's been great fun both times.

It gets cold with no heat after 4 hours.

At 3:30am when the power came back on and I was huddled up asleep and the house was suddenly roaring with noise and full of lights I bolted out of bed CERTAIN that someone forgot to blow out a candle and that the house was a raging inferno.

Now I've gotta get my consulting work done that I was going to spend all night last night working on. Stupid community building power outage.
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