Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Hot Dream

In my dream my basement (which in my dream looks exactly like it looks now but is perceived differently) is the center of some vast technological entity like a space ship or a military style base (maybe like super hero headquarters). Something has gone horribly wrong with it and I'm trapped there and I must blow the whole thing up in order to save humanity. There's no chance for me to survive.

I rig up some bombs in two separate corners, both of which are key to what needs to be destroyed (don't know if they are like data core or phsyical super structure or what). My theory is that I will set up both devices in such a way that they will be timed so that the first blast will instantly and painlessly vaporize me and will also set off the second blast. Somehow I screw it up and the first blast is much more localized than I expected and so far from being vaporized I'm just exposed to intense searing heat, fire, and pain and the second blast doesn't even go off. I set the second blast off directly and it also is so localized that I just get thrown back and highly bruised. Now the entire basement is in flames, there's intense heat. I remember the extreme distortion of the air from all the heat. And I'm stuck with fire all around me just waiting to be burned alive, scared shitless of facing death, knowing I'm doing the right and the only thing possible.

There's some thought in my head that I may be pulled from the wreckage, I may survive. Should I try to prolong the pain to maximize that chance, or should I jump into the flames and get it over with?

Then I wake up.
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