Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Shop at my friend's store. She's cool. Herbs are cool. Support real small business.

Hey everyone, if you want to buy herbal stuff, buy it online from my friend herbivorous at

She's awesome and insanely trustworthy and honest. I'm always worried when dealing with "alternative medicine" about getting taken advantage of by some quack. It is so nice to KNOW someone and the training they went through (4 years of college-level herbal education including such sciency things as physiology and organic chemistry). To know they have a respect for science.

Sarah is one of the few people I personally know who is really progressively entrepeneurial. She went to school to learn a trade and now she's a partner in a small herbal business. Their store front is really friendly and cute. She's one of the few people I know who have this intense passion for their trade and a depth of knowledge and insight at her fingertips.

When we can't keep our money in our local community, at least we can keep it in our LJ community.

I highly recommend the "Salt Scrub "Invigorating", 10 oz " from the bath and bodycare section. Rub it on yourself. Rub it on your friends. Shower it off. Enjoy the glow. I just bought like 4 different bottles of massage oil.
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