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The Upcoming Year

Tonight at The Embassy I charted out roughly my major new projects (in additional to all the crap I'm already doing) for this year:

1) Gather data and decide whether and how to run for City Council in 2005. This includes going to the upcoming meeting where the progressive democrats are going to sell our city up the river by allowing a Walmart to be built in the stupidest possible place for one.

2) Collaborate with folks who went down to FTAA with me to create the DVD hypermedia journal of our experiences.

3) Prepare for the RNC protest in New York City at the end of August.

4) Continue to organize and brainstorm with other interested community members on my 10 year plan for the Urban Commune.

All this while, while I was busy passionately discussing local politics, national protest, and intentional community...the guy sitting right next to me got picked up by some chick that none of us had ever met but who just kind of siddled up to our group and who seemed pretty cool. Maybe, if I was quieter and less obnoxiously passionate, some interesting stranger would pick me up at a bar. Fat chance.
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