Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Today's words about Health Care

/* Written 4:50 pm Jan 14, 2004 by gellowe in shell:yagapooga */
I don't particularly care about health insurance, since any government health plan is almost assuredly going to make the quality of my health care go down
/* End of text from shell:yagapooga */

Do you really think this is true of any conceivable national health care plan?

Isn't there a chance that a national health care system, if properly designed, could massively reduce the administrative overhead costs associated with health insurance and cause an overall increase in the amount of money per patient going to doctors and hospitals this increasing the overall quality of health care?

Also, isn't it conceivable that under some conceivable national health care plan you could still opt to pay extra for supplemental private insurance that would give you better benefits and that the combination of the cost of supplemental insurance and whatever money the government spends on your behalf might be less than the total cost of equivalent private insurance in our current system?
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