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Today's Kucinich Words

/* Written 4:12 pm Jan 14, 2004 by sundiver in shell:yagapooga */
Zack[sic], answer one question: Do you honestly, with your rational mind, think (not feel, not hope, not believe, but THINK) that Kucinich has even a "fair" chance of being elected?

(I'm not saying he doesn't, I'm honestly curious as to your thinking on the matter.)
/* End of text from shell:yagapooga */

I think that there is an outside chance that if there is a serious volunteer push in Iowa and New Hampshire and Kucinich comes in well ahead of where he is currently polling that he has an outside chance of getting enough press just based on that surprise to give his campaign the inertia to have a fair chance of getting the nomination.

I think that if Kucinich gets the nomination that it'll crystalize an energized Green/Democrat Activist/Labor alliance the likes of which has never been seen and that his election to national office is as strong a chance as any Democrat has.

I think that if Kucinich loses Iowa and New Hampshire with numbers matching his current poll numbers than he probably has no chance of making a come from behind surprise victory.

I honestly believe that Kucinich is polling as low as he is simply because everyone keeps saying he's the long shot and that he can't win and that he's short and not saying anything about his platform. His only hope for winning is if there is some media miracle whereby he starts getting more press that suggests he has a POSSIBILITY of winning. Until the first primary happens that is an open possibility. It'll take MASSIVE grass roots turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend and next to make it even possible for it to happen. We'll see what happens.

If the media miracle doesn't occur, then no, I don't think he has a chance. I don't really care because I don't see any important difference between any of the front runner Democratic candidates. I don't believe there is any danger of Leiberman running away with the campaign, I wouldn't mind if Sharpton or Braun ran away with it, and I have absolutely no care about the rest of the boring bunch. So after Iowa and New Hampshire I will continue to point out that people should vote for Kucinich and do what work I can for him even if I no longer believe he can win because voting for him is still a referendum on how many people are fed up with the Democratic Party status quo and support the kind of moderate reasonable progressive change that Kucinich stands for.

Imagine how fucking cool a Kucinich vs. Bush campaign would be. No serious threat from the Greens to worry about. The huge armies of activists who don't work for Greens because they think it's a waste of energy because they can't win in the two party system and don't work for Democrats because they don't like their politics will be united and energized behind a progressive campaign that has the backing of a major party and hence can win. And then get the unions seriously on board and you've got an incredible unified campaign.

It'd be like when the Vorlons came in and wiped out a couple of Shadow ships. Suddenly everyone who was apathetic and bickering gets energized and unified and starts working together. One major unexpected victory and it'd be just like that. :)

Now imagine how fucking boring a Dean vs. Bush campaign will be. It'll be just like Gore and Bush with Dean trying his damnedest sound as much like Bush as possible while still trying his damnedest to make it into a serious fight. Both candidates will go out of their way to say nothing of substance and just hug onto their constituencies and get out the vote. BORING. And it'll probably be another 50/50 toss up race and Bush'll probably cheat again.
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