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My Tattoo Design

I'm so sure someone else already got my tattoo after she found my web page about it and thought it was a neat idea. I still haven't found a trustworthy tattoo artist (not that I've been looking very hard) to take the idea and run with it.

I guess that's what I get for being the fourth google hit for "yin yang tattoo".

My rough tattoo design

Random stranger from the internet, Lori's real life version.

And holy crap. Completely random web pages about some new-agey stuff (inclusionality) reference me as related material! The internet is so weird.

Even weirder some random insane person ripped off my description of "mu" verbatim in their insane (probably all ripped off bits of text pasted together, maybe by a bot) rantings.

It's funny how many insane people on the internet I just go ahead and assume are bots. I mean how can real people fail the Turing Test that badly?

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