Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Some Annotated FTAA Images

I went through one archive of photos and picked a few particular ones to point out and annotate so that ya'll'd have some perspective and context on them and so you wouldn't have to look through hundreds to find the good ones. I didn't take these and this is by no means a complete picture of the events. I've got a ton that I took and a ton more that my friends took that are yet to be processed. Here's these.

Click on the thumbnails to see fullsized images.

Do these cops look like they were in any danger?

It's a good thing they made sure this woman stayed back. Look at the defiance in her eyes.

Some of what we got shot with. Rubber bullets are huge and heavy. Beanbags are filled with metal BBs.

These small red balls are filled with a stinging white powder.

This arrest happened right in front of some people from our group. The person on the ground is being arrested (drug on her head). The burley looking guys (far too buff to be vegan anarchists) are all cops. Notice the guy holding the pistol grip tazer. These undercover agents were standing in the crowd and just suddenly turned on their arrestee. No one knows why.

These folks are trying to slow the advance of the cops to give the panicked crowd a little breathing room and time to thing and act rationally rather than just fleeing. They held their backs to the cops so there was no chance of being charged with assaulting the officers. Normally this is a black bloc tactic but you'll notice that only a few of the folks here are black bloc, most of them are just folks who stepped in to help out with the line. These folks are also doing this because they are afraid of being stuck on the front line alone and getting arrested by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, by linking arms they make it harder for anyone to be singled out and stranded. The serious well organized and large core contingent of black bloc was noticably absent at this protest.

Here are the two cops that got hit with whitewash. I didn't see any others like this.

This is the incident with the grappeling hooks in the morning that apparently triggered the police push. Apparently the police failed to secure this part of the fence. I don't know how they failed at this since every other part of the fence was lined with cops at least 2 deep.

This is behind police lines. Notice the black clad black bloc looking kid and the few other plain clothes people, all moving freely behind the lines. More examples of the undercover folks.

Notice the cop kneeling on this guy and tazering him. Ouch.

Here's the guy with the pepperball lodged under his skin. Notice that the blood is coming from an inch or so behind the lump, that is the entrance point of the projectile which then slid up through the skin to where you see the lump. I saw this guy in person moments after he received this wound.

Oh and check out this sequence of a peaceful girl being shot in the back. I personally saw this girl when she was bandaged and bloody.

Here's how a tazer works. It shoots a wire carying the voltage. The wire sticks into the skin and causes a wound.
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