Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Don't Kill

Everyone needs to listen to Don't Kill (96kbps mp3 1.6M) by Hamell on Trial over and over and over again. It's my new favorite song. I think it'll bring world peace if only we could find a sound system big enough to blast it's dulcet tones to all. I just want to play it louder. Add this to your christmas carol playlist and let us have a season of peace (at the very least peace from that other shitty xmas music everyone is playing).

Don't Kill

God called down from the mountain, God called down from the sky
He said, "I told you, I told you, I told you.
don't kill, don't kill, don't kill
don't kill for lovin', please don't kill for hate.
Don't kill in my name, don't kill for heaven's sake.
Don't kill, don't kill, don't kill.
Once again you didn't understand me.
or you disobeyed from all I can detect.
From what I remember I did more than ask you,
I commanded it, from what I recollect.
Was it the the 'Thou' part that threw you? Thou means you.
Was it the 'Shalt not' part that confused you?
Shalt not means DON'T.
Don't kill, don't kill, don't kill.
There are no divinely sanctioned murders.
Who'd know better than me?
I'm God, why don't you hear me?
I've been saying the same shit for centuries.
You say it's me that you worship.
All you Christians, all you Muslims, all you Jews.
I'm going to it one more time, DON'T KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR.
Jesus Christ this shouldn't be news.
Don't kill, don't kill, don't kill.
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