Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Weird new dream paradigm and other dreams

How odd. Last night I had a dream in which rainbox appeared. I don't know her from anywhere except LiveJournal. Of course, in the dream we were just sitting around talking about stuff from her life that's been in her LJ. (Actually, it was even more silly than that, she was mostly talking about stuff and I was mostly listening, just like a regular LJ interaction). Once again proving that I'm such a silly addict.

The long and short of the dream was that she was really stressed out and I gave her a backrub and that helped. I woke up thinking "I need a backrub."

I've had dreams with complete anonymous strangers in them (people I've never seen or met) and I've had dreams with people I've met in real life before but I've never had dreams about random internet people that I've never met in real life. She hasn't even posted recently.

I had another dream about people being replaced by artificial quantum people. I don't really remember the details. It had to do with departments at the place that I was working (in the dream, not NCSA) being phased out and replaced by these artificial people. So I wasn't so much worried about the quantum people as losing my job. Somehow I get the feeling the tone of this dream was set by having watched Donnie Darko last night.

I had another dream where this girl was hitting on me but she had a boyfriend and I had to tell her to stop it until she worked out her issues with him. Perhaps this dream was vaguely inspired by having watched Moulin Rouge! last night.

What is with the whole "dream theme" thing going on here. I rarely have recurring dreams with actual plots. Now I've had two dreams in one week about giving backrubs and two more about girls hitting on me that I am morally obliged to turn down.
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