Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

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Just a dream

I'm so sure I just had a nightmare where I was running sound for a show where Emmylou Harris was opening for Adam Brodsky and our Behringer 24 channel mixing board had been stolen and so I was trying to mix on a Mackie 8 channel and another really low quality mixer and I didn't have a sweepable mid for Emmylou's voice (but I did have a really nice condenser mic) and I couldn't decide the best way to chain the crappy board off of the main board to give myself the most flexibility in controling the aux sends for the monitors. And the show was about to start and I hadn't sound checked anything but Emmylou's voice yet (and I really needed that sweep mid). All I wanted was my beloved Behringer back.

It was a nightmare I tell you! I've never been so relieved to realize something was just a dream.
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