Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


Reloaded. (spoilery) Lots of beautiful mindless action. Really a letdown compared to my expectations. Not nearly as much thinking as I'd hoped for. BUT I still had a fun time. The movie taps your gut emotional responses for sure. And I think it saved itself with the major plot twists at the end. I have a lot of hope that this movie set up some serious ground work for some serious thinking in the next movie. I mean holy crap is the "free world" just another level of the matrix (I assume that is why Neo could control reality there and why Smith could "phone out" to the "real world" after he took over that dude)? In that case WHAT IS THE MATRIX? Or perhaps the question is "What is the meta-matrix, because clearly the matrix is contained in the "real world" but perhaps the "real world" is not real. So maybe this clears up the science flub on "infinitely renewable power source". Maybe the way in which the world seems to be something other than what it is is entirely different than a bunch of humans being kept alive in order to get power. Or alternatively maybe the "real world" of Zion really is real but because Neo has some "programming" from the Matrix caught up in his brain he is now able to actually control machines from outside the matrix. And maybe Smith downloaded himself into that guy's brain and now there's a smith clone in the real world that doesn't look like smith.

I like to hope that maybe the matrix is all about distributed computing more than distributed power collection. Brains as CPUs. I dunno. There's definitely some interesting thinking to be done on this.

Not to mention the general themes of control and free will have gotten pretty well set up. I think the third movie could go quite far with that. We'll see.

I wanna say this movie sucked but the more I think about it the more I think I actually really liked it and I'm just mad at myself for liking such a action dominated movie.
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