Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Green Mayor?

Check it out. A Green (Matt Gonzalez) might be the next mayor of San Francisco.

If you live there, don't forget to vote tomorrow. Also if you live there, please tell me more about this thing. Is the sense on the streets really that this guy has a chance?

I guess they've gotten Clinton and Gore to come out and pitch for Gonzalez's Democratic opponent. If there's any remaining doubt about why I'm so disenfranchised with the brass of the Democratic party, this sums it up. From some random article that isn't even particularly pro-Gonzalez.
While the former president was en route to California on a private jet owned by one of Newsom's backers, Gonzalez was wrapping up his final day of campaigning with a "Punks for Matt" fund-raiser featuring former Dead Kennedys lead singer Jello Biafra.
Here's a race where the Green and the Democrat are within 7 to 10 percentage points the day before the race and there is no chance of a Republican winning no matter what the outcome. And yet the Democrats are bringing in a FORMER PRESIDENT to make sure those uppity Greens don't get their guy elected in one of the most radical-progressive-liberal cities in the country through a grassroots campaign. For years I've heard "Greens get Republicans elected" and "Greens should only run in local races where they can win". Why can't the Dems let us have this one? What are they so scared of? It's just a mayoral seat.

I heard this guy speak for an hour on the radio just now and he really seems to know his shit. He's on the city council and has been kicking ass in SF politics already. He's both highly qualified and completely grassroots. This is what it's all about. Again, I'm hoping to get some good perspective from the folks out there in the area. I'm bummed that my friends out there don't live in San Francisco proper.

EDIT: I hereby retract my senseless bitterness about the Dems fighting a hard fight to win this and pulling out all the stops. The posters here are right, it's a perfectly reasonable thing for them to do given the context. I spent all of an hour processing the news of this race this evening before posting what I posted. The closeness of the race was news to me (I think it's news to anyone not local to San Fran). Right now I want to spend the next 24 hours, not being bitter, but being GIDDY at the chance that Gonzalez could win this thing.

EDIT: The guardian in the UK even has a story about it. Bring Clinton in and everyone's writing about it (besides AP, Reuters, and UPI). christian science monitor, the nation, the age (Australia). These are just random non-newswire articles pulled down from
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