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Everyone is piling on and giving me shit for either being a Green or… - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Dec. 8th, 2003

01:07 am

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Date:December 8th, 2003 08:11 am (UTC)
I could not agree with you more. That's how I justified voting for Nader to all the people who scoffed. I actually would have considered voting for McCain if he won over GW in the primary. I'd do my homework first, but he inspired me through his charisma and a few of the interviews I've read. This election has a purpose. We need to collectively boo the current administration right out of the White House. To do that, efforts need to be consolidated. I'll vote Dem next year if there is any doubt in Illinois and if someone inspires me. All I'm saying is that we need to pull the reigns in on this warring state and chill out. I don't want four more years let alone four more minutes with GW. That is what most of all will guide my punch next November.
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