Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Baby Poet Reincarnation Dream

This morning's dream (ill-remembered as many hours have past since the dream):

Someone (a dream extra playing the part of someone near and dear to me, but not my "partner") is giving birth and I'm there helping out. As the labor finishes the mother loses interest, rolls over and goes to sleep. Leaving me with this baby to hold and wondering what to do about the umbilacle cord.

I feel very deeply that there is something I _have_ to do about this situation. Either I definitely absolutely have to find a way to cut the cord or I definitely should leave it to a professional. And if I do do it, either I can pretty much go about it however I want or I definitely need to do it with the exact right tool. Very angsty and nervous. Somehow it resolves itself, I don't remember how.

So then here's the kicker. This baby is a clone of some famous literary figure (like Emily Dickenson or somesuch). And she is able to talk to me as soon as she's born. She isn't just a clone, she _is_ Emily Dickenson (or whoever...some random literary chick of great importance and respect). All the memories.

We have a long conversation and really bond. Then the mother wakes up and starts treating the baby like a baby. and I get kinda pissed because where was she all this time that I've been taking care the kid in its most fragile moments? And why is she doing this baby talk stuff, doesn't she understand that this is Emily Dickenson!?

Anyway the rest of the dream was just various themes on confusion, angst, respect, and communication all in the same basic surreal tone.
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