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The Party!

Please invite yourself. I'll see you all there!

Event: 5+ Pre-NYE Days of Dinner, Movies, Gaming, and Music 
Where: The First Urbana House of Slack
       107 W. Washington, Urbana, IL
When: December 26-30, 2003

Zach, Scott, Jon, and Jay will be hosting a massive multi-day party in the days leading up to New Year's Eve. The idea is to have some low key large gatherings of folks for specific fun allowing everyone to party for 5 days straight without burning out too much to party like its 2004 on the big NYE at any of several locations in beautiful CU.

Friday, December 26th - Pot Luck Dinner - People should start arriving around 6pm and we'll start eating around 7pm. We'll wind down by midnight. Try to bring some food but please come anyway even if you don't have a dish to bring. Please RSVP so I know how many tables to set up and how much food to make. No need to RSVP for any other pre-NYE events.

Saturday, December 27th - Massive Movie Fest - We'll start watching movies around 4pm and keep watching until none are left awake, or until noon Sunday whichever comes first. Movies will be semi-democratically selected by the time honored Votearama and Movie Race methods. Without daily democracy there can be no yearly moviefest. Please visit the movie voting page and cast your votes! You can also suggest additional movies by commenting here.

Sunday, December 28th - Tuesday, December 30th - Massive Gaming Fest - We'll have dozens of people, several tables, and hundreds of games to play. Games ranging from 2 minute card games to 12 hour board games. Strategy games, funny games, party games, drinking games, cheap ass games. We'll start at 4pm on Sunday and go until noon on Tuesday, sleeping when we wish, gaming, gaming, gaming. We can teach you. Newbies and experienced gamers alike are invited. Bring a game. Bring a friend. Bring some gamer food.

Tuesday, December 30th - Massive Music Festival - If you play an instrument, bring it. On Tuesday evening starting at 7pm we'll have three 45 minute sets of acoustic music, at 10pm we'll have a combined sing-a-long and jam session that'll last as late into the night as anyone wants. We haven't scheduled the bands for the evening yet, if you are a performer and would like to perform at this party please let me know. If there is a lot of interest from performers we may start the sets earlier than 7pm.

For all of these events and for NYE itself any and all are welcome to and encouraged to sleep at our spacious house and to use our house as a home base for meeting up with various out of town folks and staging your wild adventures. Our house comfortably sleeps over 20 people. Out of towners are welcome to stick around for a few days after New Years Eve as we wind down from the wild party with some laid backness (sushi runs, left over movies, short fun games, just hanging out, etc).

We are not currently planning to host any specific NYE events at our house on the night of December 31st but rather allowing people to party hop among the many parties going on around town. I'll be encouraging other party throwers to send their invites to the cu-fun list on

If you will be in town on December 31st and don't have a party to go to and would like for there to be wild debauchery at our house, please let me know. If there's a critical mass of people wanting to party on down without leaving the house then perhaps we'll get a loud band and/or a DJ and/or a ton of booze and/or other wild party neccessities.

Feel free to spread this invite far and wide. If we know you and you know them then they are invited!
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