Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

When the Senate is better than Sitcoms.

This is awesome. I just turned on C-SPAN2 to find out that the Senate is pulling an all-nighter.

The Republicans are trying to get the Democrats to fall asleep so they can sneak a procedural point by unanimous consent to end the filibuster against the 4 Bush judicial nominations. They called a 30 hour debate starting at 6pm tonight. They don't actually expect to succeed, they're just jerking the Dems around. It's beautiful in an obscure parliamentary chess playing kind of way. I love watching these people hate each other with so much politeness and "respect".

Barbara Boxer (D-California) and Charles Schumer (D-New York) are really on point in this debate.

Occasionally it is as fun to watch the Senate as it is to watch the British House of Commons.

Holy crap, these nominees ARE evil hyper-mega-conservative fuckers. Much props to the Dems for stopping this madness.

Right now they're spending the next hour debating the technical definitions of filibuster, cloture, and "hold". The Republicans are trying to suggest that filibusters against judicial nominees are unconstitutional and that they've never done one, they'd only instituted "holds". Hilarious. Tune it in if you get a chance. I imagine it'll be especially fun at about 4am when all the old people are feeling the most weary.

Are there any Republican women that don't wear power red like real estate agents?
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