Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

My dreams are becoming too literal and realistic.

I dreamt that I went through a security checkpoint to get into the FTAA protest area in Miami. We went in through a back way where there were metal detectors but no one manning them so I managed to get a pair of wire cutters in.

There were a LOT of Amish people there and the event seemed more like a very laid back Farmer's Market (there were lots of people selling wooden crafts and things) than a heavily militarized protest against corporate globalization.

I was chatting with friends and just flippantly started bragging about how I'd gotten wire cutters in (even though our affinity group had agreed not to assault the multi-million dollar fence). I pulled them out and started demonstrating how easy it was to cut the nearby fence and my friends yelled at me that I shouldn't use those out in the open.

I realized how stupid I was being and tucked them into my armpit. I looked around casually to see if I'd been seen. An undercover cop who was right behind me talked into her ear piece calling in an arrest on me.

After a few tense minutes of walking around with these cutters only partly obscured in my armpit I finally had to relax and they showed for a second and I was then surrounded and asked "did you use wirecutters to cut that fence?" As I struggled with how to answer ("I want a lawyer." "Yes." "No." "Am I being arrested?" "Why do you support the oppression of your class?" *silence*) I woke up.
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