Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

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Volunteerism is an enormous long river and I am standing in it.

Here's a sledge hammer of dream symbolism:

I'm wading along the banks of a fast flowing river but I'm holding the IMC's sound board (at some points in the dream it might be my laptop). There is a nearby dam/waterfall and without warning the level of the river suddenly rises WAY up and the sound board gets wet. So I climb for higher ground and hold the board above my head but this makes balancing difficult. I try to get out of the valley away from the stream but it's a long way back and the waves keep getting bigger (with each one I have to stop and balance/hold on tight and ride it out). When I finally get back to a place where I can climb up and out of the streambed a friend is there holding out a hand to help me up. The biggest wave yet is coming crashing down the river towards me. Then I wake up.
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