Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Halloween: Geeks Masquerading as Hipsters

For Halloween I dressed as "Zach: To The Limit". I wore the denim jacket, my awesome skirt, all my necklaces and an earing, a t-shirt, a bandana, a red sparkly half-mask with my glasses on the outside of the mask, my big brown pretty tapestry as a cape, green long gloves, my deer hoove dance shakers on one wrist, the cool socks that Eva knitted for me, and a shot glass in my pocket (left there apparently from Pam's wedding). It was a wonderful chaotic mismatched a-fashionable hodgepodge of things that I think are pretty and everyone else things are wacky and that definitely weren't meant to go together. I didn't really know WHAT I was dressed as until later. revjack suggested that I was dressed as "chaos" to his "order" (he was dressed as a "Jehovah's Prosecutor"..basically just a hokey suit and some religious book).

assclouds, deaconobvious and I went out to Skeleton Danse together. It was the first time I'd ever been to Skeleton Danse and it was a lot of fun. Goth dancing is lonely and solo but that is my kind of dancing. I can't handle the coordination of dancing with another person (even just dancing next to them in that club kind of "we're looking at each other so we're dancing together even though we're not touching" way). The music was fun to just zone out to and move with while occasionally checking out everyone else moving to it too. mythworker as promised was a fine fine DJ and I was glad that he was doing his thang during the short period that we were there. I do still plan on going to Nox someday.

assclouds took our beanbag chair and cut holes in it and restuffed it with foam peanuts and put a ducttape S on it and shaved his hair into a mohawk and called himself a rejected skittle. Later in the night he'd remove the S can call himself a colon polyp.

deaconobvious was dressed as a peasant in garb that he'd previously created for foam fighting. He observed and I agreed that the outfit really "fit" brought out the Primal Scott.

After about half an hour of Gothing it (about all some of our posse could take) we headed off to see Bubba Ho-Tep. Scott made a last minute decision to stay behind to chat up a girl he fancies who arrived as we were leaving.

The movie was awesome (I'd seen it in Seattle already, it was just as awesome the second time around). All kinds of cool people were there. It was the first time I'd ever been to the new Boardman version of the New Art theater. The snacks were VERY fancy. I wasn't extra specially blown away by the fancy sound system but I expect that's because of the low budget filmness of it all.

After the movie we had a drink in the beer garden of Cowboy Monkey and checked out some more costumes. We ran into some friends of Jay who suggested that desert_fox would be there so we were on the lookout but didn't see. We ran into an IMSA kid (looking for an IMSA gathering that wasn't actually happening until the next night) who had an AWESOME Hunter S. Thompson costume going on. This kid has the look anyway so it was perfect.

Next we took Jay's friend (who didn't dress up but kept putting his hands in the air and saying "Rahr, I'm a dinosaur" to people) home and then Jay and I went to a party at Molly's place in east Urbana. We ran into lots of the C-U leftist party-goers scene. We got to see our favorite Alderwoman shaking her booty like nothing else on the dance floor (Jay was shocked). The best of all was Paul and Ellen dressed as Brak and Mom...their costumes and makeup were superb. Jay and I were the only people at the party who knew who they were.

I was the designated driver all night because I'd been feeling nauseous and sick all week so I didn't want to drink anyway. So I got to drive Jay's stick shift which was great because I haven't driven stick in a while. Nice to know I still can.

Jay and I wanted to eat but it was like 3am at this point. We went out to some diner but when we walked in we were the ONLY people in costume so we left because they told us it'd be a long time before we were served.

Then we came home and chilled with revjack's gaggle of discordians and other such freaks. They were all quite amusing and fun as is usual with Jon's followers. I have a hard time taking them all seriously sometimes (though I suspect I'm not supposed to) but they're very fun in measured party doses. I was some sort of messiah walking in promising massive quantities of Pizza delivery, they all had the munchies I'm sure.

That is more party hopping and mingling and multi-event attending than I've done in a LONG time. By the end of the night I couldn't believe just how much stuff we'd done. It was like the never ending night.
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