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Dreams: Heroism, Metaphor, and Ehn.

A friend and I go into some dive bar for some reason. In the back of the bar is some old alcoholic dude that we're supposed to talk to. He's got a little baby that he lets me hold. During the course of the conversation and my interaction with this baby it becomes clear to me that this guy has been abusing this baby (it isn't clear exactly how, physically hurting it or just exposing it to malnourishment and the unhealthy environment of the bar....I think both). The baby is really happy to be with me and is asking me for help to get away (it's a tiny little baby but old enough to talk). Anyway, at some point I just get up from the table and walk towards the bar. I ask the bartender "hey man, what's up with that guy and this kid". The bartender looks conflicted and won't answer me and then just throws me an envelope full of money and nods. I understand this to mean that he is endorsing my plan to kidnap/save this kid and he is giving me cab fair.

Somehow my friend who is with me also realizes my plan and it's neccessity so she starts talking up a storm with the alcoholic guy to distract him. I walk out the door and look for a cab.

When the alcoholic realizes what has happened he starts pulling strings. He has control over the cabbies. He tells them all that I'm a horrible kidnapping monster. Insane rumors about what a pervert I am spread over the radios. Now every cabbie in town will be trying to take me back to the bar (and probably beat me up too). The cops, who have been alerted to the kidnapping are also looking for me.

What I want to do is to get home to safety and a phone. I want to find a lawyer that hasn't been infected by the rapidly spreading "news" about me and I want to turn myself in to explain the exact situation, clear my name, and get care for the child (possibly also custody). I don't know who to call that I can trust so I try to call boannan on my cell phone but the cell phone network is jammed, somehow the alcoholic arranged that.

The game proceeds as this kind of weird REALLY TENSE chess game (a recurring mood of my dreams, battle of wits between two very tense opponents usually representing good and evil). Both of us have allies working for us but that we can't communicate directly with. The cops are this kind of neutral entity which the guy is manipulating but which my friend back at the bar is also manipulating by giving false information to as she "cooperates" to try to help them capture me. So she's basically changing their movement patterns based on where I am (where she thinks I am? where the cops have seen me last) to punch holes in their dragnet so that I can get home. The alcoholic is operating through his network of cabbies.

Eventually I get to a point where I am surrounded and I have to get into a cab to get away. There are several to choose from and I choose the one driven by a younger woman rather than a crusty creepy old man. I figure I can convince her of the justice of my actions. As soon as I get in she recognizes who I am (from radio descriptions) and starts laughing and teasing me about "how is it to [X]?" where [X] is whatever strange perversion she heard on the radio that I do (some of my friends know why it would have been so appropriate if she'd said "eat pickled pig lips?" as one of the X's but sadly no). Then she tells me that she's not part of this, she just hears stuff on the radio. I place my fate in her hands, in her ability to judge the goodness of my character. And I wake up.

I climb up onto the rooftop of a house where duck2ducks, boldmoves, samadore, spillshercoffee, ke_jia, and possibly some others are sitting around. They're discussing who has seen the latest episodes of various TV shows and some movies. This group gets together weekly to see all of these things and apparently certain people hadn't made it this week so boldmoves was teasing those people about missing the club meeting. I say "oh this is really a club now huh?" "Yah, we're going to get T-shirts and everything." "What will the club be called?"

Then everyone starts throwing out ideas. "80's kids" "best friends" "tv lovers" and other such things. I mention that those are silly names for a club of such close friends because probably lots of other people name their clubs those things. This club should be unique. Finally, because we all spend so much time sitting on the roof of this house which is ostensibly the club meeting space, I come up with the name "Watching the Sunrise", it is both literal of something we do and symbolic of looking to and moving into the future, of being youthful enough to stay up late having fun, and having eyes open. Everyone grasps the metaphor immediately without explanation and loves it. Hence forth the group is known as "Watching the Sunrise".

Then we go to rent some movies at blockbuster. Unfortunately, there were two specific movies that everyone already wanted to rent before I got there. I tried to convince them to rent one or two more, but no one wants to do that. I get a little deflated and wander off (then fall back asleep out of the dream).
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